Did you know…

Did you know that the 2010 UK Infant Feeding Survey found that breastfeeding initiation rates had risen to 81%, but that in 2005 (this data from 2010 has not yet been released) only 21% of babies were being breastfed by only 6 weeks of age?


Many, many mothers stop breastfeeding before they want to.

If you’re struggling, get support. If you’re scared of trying to breastfeed again, get support. Please. The right support makes such a difference.

If you’ve recently stopped breastfeeding and are wishing you hadn’t, please know that relactation is possible. Heck, even adoptive lactation is possible!

Tongue tie resources

Tongue tie resources discovered recently…

NHS Choices information on tongue tie and division.

What do mothers need to know about tongue tie? – an article from the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative.

Locations where tongue tie can be divided on the NHS – if your local clinic can’t fit you in soon enough, see if another clinic you could get to might.

“Find a Tongue Tie Divider” on the Lactation Consultants of GB site.

Tongue exercises can help some people – these are described in the Breastfeeding Answer Book, which the group has access to a copy of (not available for loan as this is a Supporter’s personal copy).

There is now a good Facebook Support group for parents affected by tongue tie, supported by various IBCLCs and Doulas with a specific interest in tongue tie.

There are further tongue tie resources and stories here on Doula Maddie McMahon’s blog .

There are some good articles about tongue tie here on the Analytical Armadillo blog.

A new breastfeeding support resource in Newbury, West Berks

Newbury Breast Friends is a friendly breastfeeding support group meeting weekly at The Wellbeing Centre, Newbury.

The group is run by Breastfeeding Network (BfN) Supporters & Helpers and we often have local lactation consultants, independent midwives and Doulas attending.

Whether you’re breastfeeding, thinking of or wanting to, come along for a friendly chat, a drink and (often!) cake.

The group has leaflets, books and other resources for Mums to borrow.

Toddlers welcome!